Delta-8 Pre-Rolls

We tested hundreds of pre-rolls from countless vendors over the last two years to find the most potent pre-rolls on the market.

Clocking in at 120mg per gram, with no D8 on the outside of the rolling paper, we are extremely happy with the way these turned out. There is no D8 on the outside of the pre-roll, everything is on the inside because it smokes and burns cleaner than other pre-rolls that have the D8 painted on the rolling paper. 

Our pre-rolls come two per pack and are filled in the Chubby Gorilla 120mm pre-roll tubes in the following strains: Blue Dream, Green Crack, OG Kush, and GSC.

We can white label our pre-rolls with an MOQ of 250 packs (2 pre-rolls per pack). Two-week lead time required for white label and custom orders.

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