About us

After two years of extensive research in the cannabis industry, Herban Bud was born in February 2021.

This was accomplished by attending every single cannabis trade show in the US, regardless of how large or small it was. We tested, so you don’t have to, thousands of products from samples received by farms, extraction facilities, and distributors. What we landed on, product wise, are what we consider, the best products in each category. We don’t rest on our laurels, however, as we still attend every trade show moving forward to ensure our product line is truly “best in class” throughout the entire industry. At present, we sell hemp and Delta-8 THC products on the wholesale and distributor level. 

In certain instances, we’ve partnered with different brands because we couldn’t manufacture anything better than these products. We currently have 2 exclusive distribution partners: Cali Green Gold and The Remedy. Together, with the Herban Bud brand, these two amazing brands round out our product line perfectly and we’re happy to partner with them to bring you top-shelf products for your CBD store or vape shop.

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